Sold on the idea of a week long sailing adventure, but just not sure how it works? Let me guide you through the process, it couldn’t be more simpler…

Before your journey begins
First things first – booking. Round up your crew, our yachts sleep eight including the skipper. If you don’t have a full yacht worth of people, just book a space individually and we’ll get you matched up with another group.

With a new destination every day, our The Gap Week encapsulates the ultimate island-hopping experience. If you’re trying to pack as much into your trip as possible, this experience is for you.

Running conveniently alongside Hideout Festival Croatia it is a great way for all newbies in sail experience, time to get involved in a champagne spray in our fleet. We’ll be making the most of every single second, all in the name of a final farewell. We’ll be indulging in our most lavish castle party of the summer so bring your dancing shoes…

Decided? Brilliant. Secure your place with a £90 deposit and you then have to pay 2nd installment of £250 until 15.2.2020 and 3rd one of £250 until 30.4.2020. We can advise when it comes to booking flights, your best bet is to go on SkyScanner to compare prices and register for price alerts.

After that? Hit the gym, smash the sunbeds, check your passport is in date. Believe us it’s going to be worth the wait…

During the gap week
After arriving in Croatia (either Split or Zadar airport) with your Kuna in your pocket search for The Gap Week cab and we will transfer you to the marina. Transfer is included in the price, so no worries. We’ll meet you at the marina and begin your check in process.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities to go to a shop and stock up on food and beverages, but it’s always a good idea to grab a big haul at the beginning. You’ll drink more than you think, being a sexy pirate is thirsty work!

A typical day will involve a floating lunch, swimming/snorkelling, a chance to explore the island, pre-drinks on deck, and the evening’s entertainment. When it comes to exploring, the options are endless. Previous guests have hired mopeds and open top cars, gone wine tasting, and ventured to some of the best beaches in Europe. It’s completely up to you whether you stop in at a restaurant for dinner or make something back on board, but you’ll be surprised at how much you can cram into a day.

The nightlife has to be seen to be believed, but the variety of places you can drink yourself into oblivion in is impressive. We have private soirees in a 19th Century Fort, floating raft escapades, VIP pool parties, private beach events and access to yacht clubs as well as visiting some of the most exclusive nightclubs that Croatia has to offer.

After the gap week
Post-yachting blues are a thing. Without the gentle lull of the sea to rock you to sleep each night, you might find yourself staring at the ceiling questioning every life decision you’ve made to date. There’s only so many #TBT to Croatia that you can get away with, how else will people know that you’re more cultured than the Ibiza peasants?

Unfortunately this is a storm that you’re just going to have to ride out, try and find yourself a cuddle buddy to ease the pain. Cliched as it may be, it’s true what they say; Tans fade, but the memories last forever.

If you have an extra few days after your The Gap Week we have prepared a couple of must do things before leaving Split. Book one of our daily sailing excursions and explore world famous Kornati National park or Dubrovnik and its Medieval Walls seen from the sea. More about pricing and schedule at