What and how to pack?
It is preferable to pack in soft bags rather than hard suitcases as hard cases are more difficult to stow away in lockers onboard. Don’t take fancy clothes or high heels, you won’t need them. Pack bikinis, shorts, sundresses and flip flops.
In case you are on a Euro trip or coming from far away and you have a big hard suitcase, you can leave it in a locker in the home marina during the week.

People are not aware of how dangerous the sun really is. As you will be exposed to the sun all day long, you will need the right protection. The best way to protect yourself is to use sunglasses, a hat and strong sunscreen! The sunglasses don’t need to be expensive, because it is very possible that you will jump off the boat or drop them in the sea, but they should protect you from harmful UV rays.

In Croatia the currency is KUNA and you will have to exchange your money in order to be able to purchase any items. If you cannot exchange it before arrival don’t worry, you should be able to exchange it in any bank or at any exchange office in Croatia. If your home currency isn’t widely accepted please exchange it to one of the widely acceptable currencies, such as the ones mentioned below. We are providing you with the average exchange rate, but always please check what the exchange rate is on the day so that you are sure on the amount of KUNA you will be given. Average value of Kuna to other currency:
AUD 1 = HRK 5,38
CAD 1 = HRK 5,41
GBP 1 = HRK 9,02
USD 1 = HRK 5,56
EUR 1 = HRK 7,62

You’ll have a limited supply of electricity for most of the week. On every sailing yacht there are 12V plugs, if you wish to charge your electrical items you will need a transformer which changes 12V to 220V. When the sailing yacht is docked the 220V items can be charged without the transformer. Also on the sailing yacht you will have an audio player with USB or AUX plug. Therefore make sure you make a great playlist before you go!

• Swimsuits / Towels / Beach towels for sunbathing
• T-shirts / Shorts / Casual evening wear / Deck shoes / Flip flops
• Windproof jacket / Fleece/ Sweater
• Sun hat / Sunglasses / Sunscreen / Lip balm
• Toiletries (all-in-one shampoo/shower gels can be handy) / Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Prescription medicines / Holiday insurance / EU medical card
• Passport/ ID card / Visa / Cash / Credit cards
• Camera with batteries and 12V (car plug) charger or converter / 12V car-type charger or converter for mobile phones, cameras etc. / Music